Red River Gorge Climbing Guidebooks

Red River Gorge Climbing Guidebooks

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Red River Gorge Climbing Guidebooks

In this post, we’ve detailed the most up-to-date Red River Gorge climbing guidebooks. These may be most helpful for experienced climbers visiting the gorge, as well as current Southeast clients that are making the transition from gym to crag. These guidebooks are not a substitute for professional instruction – find more about our instructional guided rock climbing services here

Red River Gorge South – In short, this book encompasses the vast majority of the classic sport climbs here in the Red River Gorge. If you’re here for a short trip and/or can only buy one book, this would be the one to get! This book is volume 2 of a 2-volume set, covering all crags (other than newly-developed Miller Fork) south of the Mountain Parkway.

Muir Valley Pocket Guide – This no-frills, one-of-a-kind guidebook details Muir Valley, one of the most popular and accessible climbing areas here in the Red River Gorge. This guidebook is unique in that it keeps the information very simple and easy to follow. You won’t find detailed route descriptions, ads, or excessive photos here! If you plan on doing most of your climbing in Muir Valley, this guidebook is all you need. 

Miller Fork Climbing – Recently purchased and developed by the Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition, Miller Fork offers a large swath of new climbing covering over 300 acres and hundreds of routes of all difficulties. Check it out if you’re looking for some fun adventure-sport-climbing. 

Red River Gorge North – This guidebook details all crags north of the Mountain Parkway, including most of the trad climbing in the Red River Gorge. There are still a few classic sport crags, though – including the ever-popular Military Wall, Left Flank, Phantasia, Funk Rock City, and Eastern Skybridge. 

Best of the Red – Finding it hard to commit to just one book? This answers that problem! This concise, functional guidebook offers a quality sampling of some of the Red’s best crags, from the north to the south, Miller Fork, and places in between. The author intentionally left out large photos and long route descriptions in order to save the reader time, paper, and a true “onsight”. 

Still overwhelmed? See our tips below:

For the most complete picture of climbing in the Red River Gorge, buy 3 guidebooks: RRG North, RRG South, and Miller Fork

Climbing mostly in Muir Valley: Muir Valley Pocket Guide

Quick trip to the Red, mostly sport climbing:  RRG SouthBest of the Red or Muir Valley Pocket Guide

Mostly trad climbing: RRG North

Don’t want to buy a guidebook? Or want to supplement your one guidebook with more info? Check out – this online guidebook is the most up-to-date info you’ll find!

This post is part 1 of a 4-part series dedicated to the key beta on climbing gear for the Red River Gorge! This series is meant to be helpful whether you’re transitioning from gym-to-crag, or you’re an experienced climber visiting the Red River Gorge for the first time. Stay tuned for part 2 in a couple weeks! Check out our other blog series on “area info” here.

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