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Welcome to the home & heart of Southeast Mountain Guides! We are thrilled to meet you.

Our Mission

To help people who want to try rock climbing and to teach people who want to become rock climbers.

Our Standard

Above all, we believe in connecting with people. We achieve this by providing meaningful and engaging experiences in the realm of climbing. We strive to be professional servant leaders who are committed to personal growth and genuine connection with others.

Connection – Growth – Professionalism – Servant Leadership – Integrity
We strive to connect with people authentically.
We seek to cultivate an environment of growth and betterment.
We support a team made up of professional and caring servant leaders who act with integrity.
These core values guide us as we offer climbing services that minimize risk; encourage learning; are refined, relevant, engaging, and unique; and that promote climbing stewardship through responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.
Our Instructors

All of our instructors for our guided activities are nationally certified through the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) as Single Pitch Instructors or Rock Instructors. Our instructors are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, and strive to provide the best service and experience for each and every client. This takes time, dedication, and training towards their craft. Please consider providing gratuity for your instructor (15-20% recommended).

In 2001 Mark and Kathy Meyer opened up the country’s first Via Ferrata, providing the public with a thrilling, yet easily accessible way to experience high adventure on our sandstone cliff lines. Their daughter Nicole became the company’s first rock climbing instructor in 2004, and she’s been guiding and managing the business ever since. After all these years, the Via Ferrata and guided activities remain the key services offered. Keeping it in the family, Nicole purchased the company in November 2017 and renamed it Southeast Mountain Guides, formerly Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure. Her passion for rock climbing continues to open new doors for climbing and instruction possibilities. But none of this growth would be possible without you. So truly thank you for your continued support and dedication.

The origins of Via Ferrata can be traced back to the Alps. For centuries, simple, protected paths through mountainous terrain connected alpine villages to their pastures. In WWI, Via Ferratas were built to help troops move through the mountain ranges of the Dolomites. Some of those wartime routes were restored with modern Via Ferrata hardware (iron rungs and steel cable) and are now used for recreation.

Our Via Ferrata became the first commercially operated course in the United States on 9-1-01, and has been enjoyed by folks all over the world since then!

Being a part of people’s lives on a personal level is probably one of the things I love the most about what I do. I love that I get to do this in all sorts of ways, big and small. Although small, the small ways are sometimes the most impactful. These are moments when I get to fist bump the climber who just completed a section of our Via Ferrata course and share in the excited accomplishment. It is also seeing transformation when someone understands and feels more than adequate in tying their figure-eight knot.

I also cherish the big ways. These are when I go to the crag to find previous clients climbing confidently on their own. It is working alongside such an incredible crew that strengthens one another.

But in all, I am impacted by each of you whether small or big! Continuously, I am delighted and encouraged by the moments of shared experiences.

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing experiences with you and when we I do, I am will be striving to meet you where you are to accomplish your climbing goals.  I will be pulling from my 14 years of certified AMGA SPI experience & 20 years of time in this craft. 

See you soon!

The chicken’s name is Pumpkin and she liked the buttons on Connor’s shirt. Connor trained her to jump through hoops. That is irrelevant to the bio discussion, but just thought she should be remembered.

Connor grew up hiking, fishing, and skiing near his hometown of Leavenworth, Washington. He discovered climbing while earning a degree in geology. After realizing climbing, Connor spent his weekends traveling to rock climbing competitions and crags around Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. He worked at his university as a climbing instructor and spent two summers in California leading multi-day, rock climbing trips near South Tahoe.

Connor currently spends the off-season travelling around the U.S., dividing his time between climbing, skiing, and catching up with friends.

Connor is AMGA SPI certified.

Note: of the instructors at Southeast Mountain Guides,  Connor has the coolest van.

Cody grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio area and has been visiting the Red River Gorge area throughout his life. Cody first discovered his passion for climbing while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He enjoys sharing his love for climbing by helping others get started in the sport and push their own limits. Cody attended and completed the American Alpine Institutes Mountaineering Instructor Professional Training Program based out of Bellingham, Washington. He returned to the Red River Gorge to share his love for climbing with others through guiding.

He is a certified Wilderness First Responder, as well as a certified Single Pitch Instructor through the AMGA.

Cody is patient, knowledgeable and always excited to share his experience to anyone looking to start or advance their rock climbing, and most importantly have fun while doing so!

Maggie is a Kentucky native who grew up in Louisville. She started climbing in college while pursing a degree in environmental science and biology.

What Maggie loves most about climbing is the personal challenge. As well as the nature and scenery that comes with hiking out to crags.

When she’s not climbing, she enjoys cooking, running, snowboarding, and wrangling her beloved dog, Kash.

Our Difference

We believe climbing is life-changing, and it’s our goal to introduce you to that discovery! We take the time to get to know you, to best help you enter or progress in your journey of climbing.

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