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Here are the basics about our facility and COVID-19 but if you would like further info, please contact us.

  • We are open.
  • Reservations are required – no deposits taken, you will simply pay in full upon arrival.
  • Face coverings are not required if you have been fully vaccinated, meaning you have received applicable COVID shots, boosters, & it has been 2 weeks since your last vaccination.
  • If you have not been fully vaccinated, face coverings are required when you are indoors, but are not required when you are outdoors.
  • Face coverings are not provided, please remember to bring your own.

Thanks so much!

Climbing & Rappelling – Home based in the Red River Gorge, KY

Formerly, Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Same professional friendly experience since 2001. Nicole Meyer has simply stepped up from the management position into the ownership role. See Our History on the About Us page for more.