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Climbing & Rappelling – Home based in the Red River Gorge, KY

Temporary Required Closure Due to COVID-19

At 5 pm on 3-18-20 our state Governor asked businesses such as ours to close due to the COVID-19 situation.

Our goal is to re-open as soon as possible once we are confident in our ability to maintain the standard set by the CDC regulations pertaining to this nationally developing situation. At this time it is unsure as to when that will be. We will be monitoring the situation daily, and updating our clients and staff accordingly.

We are still here for you! We are answering emails and phone calls as best as we can.

People are the heart of our operation and we are truly here to support you. Likewise, thank you so much for you continued support.

Until we are able to see you soon, all the best! – Southeast Mountain Guides

NOW HIRING for the 2020 season & beyond!
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Formerly, Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure

Same professional friendly experience since 2001. Nicole Meyer has simply stepped up from the management position into the ownership role. See Our History on the About Us page for more.