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Via Ferrata

1st commercially operated Via Ferrata in the USA!

(Must be 10 years of age or older to participate)

Via Ferrata is a style of climbing in which the climber is secured to a cable system while traversing a cliff face with the aid of iron hand and foot rungs. Climbers ascend, traverse, and descend the cliff along the specific path of the cable system. Roughly translated as the “iron way”, Via Ferrata was first used in the Dolomites, Italy, to transport troops across the mountains during World War I. Now, it’s simply a fun and unique way to experience mountainous terrain! Learn more about our history on our Instructors page.

  • One-of-a-kind adventure – The Via Ferrata is hard to compare to anything else… come experience it for yourself!
  • Perfect for beginners – While ALL our activities can be suitable for beginners, we’ve found in our 16+ years of experience that the Via Ferrata is the perfect place to start if you are looking for the first step into rock climbing, or if you simply want to have a great time outdoors! It’s easy to learn, and you can get your feet wet on the “beginner” sections before venturing further.
  • …but not JUST for beginners! – The Via Ferrata gets pretty darn tough in the advanced and expert sections. We often have folks return to attempt to complete where they left off! Don’t believe us? Try for yourself to complete the whole thing!
  • Great for FAMILIES, GROUPS – The nature of our Via Ferrata allows for a lot of flexibility with families/groups. Everyone can climb together at the same time, or if the group wants to split up for portions, they can! There are different levels of difficulty (beginner to expert), so there is truly something for everyone. In between climbs, everyone can hang out together on our picnic tables on the back deck. Members of the group who don’t want to participate can even relax on the back deck and watch/take pictures!
  • Great for individuals – unlike rock climbing, you do not have to have a partner. You can just clip into the cable system and go!
  • …GREAT FOR just about EVERYONE – however you must be 10 years of age or older to participate. Have younger adventurers? See Guided Rock Climbing (recommended 6 years of age or older). We also do not recommend this activity for anyone with a serious medical condition – see “Rules/Regulations” for more info.


$48 Day Pass


Group Size Day Pass Rappelling + Day Pass
1-5 $48 $96
6-10 $48 $88
11-14 $48 $78
15 or more $43 $73
Group Size Day Pass Rappelling + Day Pass
1-5 $43 $91
6-10 $43 $83
11-14 $43 $73
15 or more $39 $69

*Must be a BSA Troop, Girl Scout, Venturing Crew, or Trail Life Group. This discount does not apply if you are participating as an individual/family.

Not seeing what you need? We can help! Simply give us a call so that we can accommodate your exact preferences.

Enhance your Via Ferrata Experience

If you are interested in any add-ons, you must let us know when making your reservation!

Get a “taste” of rappelling at a discounted rate in combination with a Via Ferrata day pass. This add-on includes two rappels per person off the same rappel station; either a 50’ station or a 120’ station.

Please allow 1-2 hours for this rappelling experience in addition to your time spent on the Via Ferrata (recommended allowance of 4-6 hours for the Via Ferrata alone). Larger groups may allow longer for the rappelling portion; call us for more info.

Want to learn more about rappelling, or experience multiple rappels off multiple stations? See Basic Guided Rappelling or Instructional Guided Rappelling.


Pricing is per participant

Group Size Rappelling Price + Via Ferrata Day Pass* = Total
1-5 $48 $48 $96
6-10 $40 $48 $88
11-14 $30 $48 $78
15 or more $30 $48.20 $73.20

*standard day pass rate provided as an example

Climb the Via Ferrata at night! These are guided trips, where your only light source is the moon and a headlamp (provided)!

Pricing is $80 per participant for a trip lasting up to 2 hours. Any additional climbing will be charged at $20 per person per hour. If you climbed the Via Ferrata the same day, get $20 off your night climbing trip (per participant)!

Climb the Via Ferrata for the 2nd day in a row for only $15 per participant!

Your season pass will begin the day you sign up, and end exactly one year later. Keep in mind that we are only open March 1 – December 1. Upon registering for a season pass, you will receive two coupons: one for 10% off a guided trip for up to 6 participants, and another for $5 off a Via Ferrata day pass (meant to be given to a friend).

Season Pass Pricing: $96 (includes a Via Ferrata day pass day-of) plus $15 per visit fee

Via Ferrata Trip Info

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED – Currently all reservations are made over the phone.

“Reservations with NO deposit”

  • Group size of 9 or less for Via Ferrata day passes (including season pass holders and consecutive day passes).

We don’t take a deposit for the above groups – the reservation is still required, but payment is simply due upon arrival.

“Reservations with a 50% deposit”

  • Group size of 10 or more for Via Ferrata day passes
  • Rappelling add-on for any group size
  • Night Climbing for any group size

We recommend making reservations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. At our facility anything less than 2 weeks is considered last-minute. That said, we do our very best to accommodate last-minute reservations and last-minute reservation changes. We take reservations up to 1 year in advance. Please note that in general, WEEKENDS tend to fill up the quickest, meaning it’s advisable to make reservations MORE THAN 2 weeks in advance when possible.

These reservations require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. If you decide to cancel, just let us know, and we can apply your deposit to a reschedule date up to a year from the original date reserved. If you decide to cancel and do NOT inform Southeast of your cancellation (i.e. no-show), your deposit is forfeited and will NOT be transferable to a reschedule date.

We understand plans change, and will work with you to update your reservation as things come up. However you MUST inform Southeast of ANY changes to your plans whether that is a cancellation or a change in date, arrival time, number of participants, medical conditions, etc. The day of your reservation, simply the remaining balance will be due based on the actual number of participants. Keep in mind that a change in your numbers may change the pricing per person, and that the deposit is still non-refundable.

We are open rain or shine! Again, you are welcome to cancel due to weather or any other reason; see above for our cancellation policies.

In the rare event that Southeast needs to cancel, we reserve the right to decide whether a refund or credit at a pro-rated amount will be issued. We are not responsible for cancellation fees from a change or cancellation in your flight plans, lodging, or any other accommodations.

Ages: All participants MUST be 10 years of age or older. An adult (18 years of age or older) must be climbing with youth ages 10 – 14. An adult can accompany up to 5 youth at a time.

Weight: There are no weight limits but you must be able to properly fit in our harnesses ranging from size 24” waist to 54” waist.

Medical Conditions/History: During the reservation process, Southeast Mountain Guides must be informed of any allergies, medical conditions, or anything else that we would need to know. You will also need to update Southeast of any changes in medical conditions and inform your instructor(s) upon arrival. If there are any medical conditions please do not forget to bring any medications (including EpiPens/inhalers, etc.). This activity is NOT recommended for anyone that has a serious medical condition.

Our Via Ferrata course is nestled in a horseshoe-shaped canyon spanning almost ¾ of a mile in length. The course generally gets harder as you climb through its 6 sections, but there is an entrance/exit between each section, so you can climb as much or as little as you choose.

At each entrance/exit, you may come down to take a break OR you could climb straight through to the next section! If you decide to take a break, you’re never further than a 5 minute walk from our facility. When you’re ready for more, you may continue on the course where you got off, start a different section, or even repeat a section!

The Via Ferrata starts with two “beginner” sections, then an “intermediate”, then two “advanced”, and finally an “expert – The Black Diamond”.

Although most climbers do not complete the entire course on their first visit, most climbers spend 4-6 hours at our facility. Heights range from 30 feet to 120 feet off the ground. Climbers will encounter many unique features such as suspension bridges, seasonal waterfall, ladder, tight-rope walk… not to mention breathtaking views!

Our course is not guided, but is supervised at all times by instructors at the base level. Before climbing, participants must complete an orientation – see “layout of the day” and “rules/regulations” for more info.

Check in 10 minutes before reserved time; RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. During the check-in process we will ensure that you have properly completed waivers and are paid in full for the day’s activities.

You will then have approximately 5 minutes to get ready for the orientation/climbing.

The Via Ferrata orientation is facilitated by one of our friendly and expert instructors. There is no video instruction; it’s all hands-on! The orientation takes approximately 45 minutes, and consists of 3 parts: gearing-up/equipment explanation, course description, and the practice wall. At the practice wall, the instructor will demonstrate, and then you will actually practice climbing under the instructor’s supervision.

After the orientation is complete, you are free to climb the course on your own, as much or as little as you’d like (until dusk!). Most folks spend about 4-6 hours here. You are also welcome to leave our facility and return to climb more later; just let us know, and be sure to be back by 5 pm.

While the Via Ferrata is not guided, it is supervised at all times by instructors at the base level.  If any climber needs assistance, a Southeast staff member is always readily available to help.

All Via Ferrata equipment is provided. If you have your own climbing equipment, you are welcome to bring it, but it must be approved by a Southeast staff member (this does NOT provide a discount).



– Closed toed/closed heeled shoes: Tennis shoes or hiking boots work best. No sandals (including Chacos or Tevas) or five-fingered shoes.

– Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes (whatever you would wear to hike in)


Gloves: Fingerless gloves such as weight lifting or cycling gloves work well. If full-fingered, make sure the glove fits snug so the finger tips do not get in the way of working our Via Ferrata clips. Gloves are not provided, but can be purchased on site for $5/pair.

Small backpack/fanny pack: This can be handy if you’d like to carry a few items with you while climbing. Common examples of these items include: water, phone/camera, etc. Also keep in mind that there are exits throughout the course, meaning you can always leave personal items in your vehicle, and hike down to them in less than 5 minutes after exiting the course.

Food is not provided. We recommend bringing a lunch or at least a few snacks. We sell some snacks/drinks on site.

Sunscreen and bug spray

Our Difference

We believe climbing is life-changing, and it’s our goal to introduce you to that discovery! We take the time to get to know you, to best help you enter or progress in your journey of climbing.

Contact Us for More Information and Reservations